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Crazy bee

ready-to-purchase version
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You are a crazy bee.
Hunt balloons.Watch out for the birds!
U only have 3 lives.

Crazy Bee Free

Free version of „Crazy bee” game
(ads included)
[google play store link]

The story of a Crazy Balloon Bee

Simple rules

› Move the bee by swiping your finger across the screen.
› Catch as many balloons as you can.
› Avoid the red bird and other enemies.
› You only have 3 lives.

› 1 balloon = 1 point
› (Red) First bird
› (Blue) Second bird after 50 points
› (Gold) Third bird after 100 points

Good luck!


There are two versions:

  1. Free version of „Crazy bee” game – with ads included.
  2. Ad-free – ready-to-purchase version.